Magento Community 1.8 Update

(English) Magento Community Edition – New release 1.8

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  • Riccardo

    Upgraded from to everything looked to be fine. Backend working okay.
    I can no longer login as a customer on the frontend

  • Amy

    Upgraded from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1, it is working ok although I can’t access system/ configuration. It is a complete blank page, nothing loads. It is very frustrating. If anyone knows how to fix this please post! In desperate need of help!

    • sylvainraye

      Hi, check if you do not have any error message, check your log files for Magento it’s located into the var/log/ of your magento installation. If it’s not enabled, you have to enable it via your database interface and set into the ‘core_config_data’ the path ‘dev/log/active’ with the value 1, then delete the folders into the var/cache/.
      Otherwise check your php error log, here it depends of your installation, you have to check with your hosting.
      Last solution, you can hire me. Send me your details via the contact form of this website.