Zurich Hackathon March 2013

7 Reasons to NOT come at the Magento Hackathon in Zürich

You always hear about this event. Since one month, everybody is tweeting, facebooking, googling plusing, blogging, chatting but for what the hell reasons should you come! They pushed you against the wall and told you: « You MUST go in Zürich on 8-10th March 2013! That’s the Magento Developer event of the year in Switzerland. ». Sad isn’t it! Find here some arguments to NOT come:

  1. Magento, what is it? I’ve never heard about that. I’m still using the dark side of the ecommerce solution, osCommerce, the best ever Open Source solution!
  2. I’m the best coder of the world. I need no friend, no tips, no network, no fun. I don’t want to share my knowledge with no one because I prefer to work alone, I’m more efficient. PHP is the bottleneck for Magento, I don’t want to improve it.
  3. I prefer to do a world tour. It’s more interesting. Where the hell is Matt?
  4. Achmed – The Dead Terrorist ( didn’t allow me to go. He said if I go: « I kill you! »
  5. The last time I came, it was in Berlin, a Dutch opened all people’s beers with my shiny MacBook Air. It doesn’t work anymore. I’m shocked for all of my life.
  6. I’m not the sponsor. I’m sad and sulking!
  7. I still didn’t digest the sweets of the Munich Hackathon in last october. I cannot move anymore, sorry!

If unfortunately, after all these reasons, you still didn’t find yours. It seems you have no reason to not coming. ;-)

Visit the event website to enjoy with us and get some surprises in Zürich on 8-10 March 2013:

PS: if you have better, funnier or others arguments, please comment them :-)

    • Sylvain Rayé

      It’s a pity but of course I understand :-) See you next time. By the way, keep spreading word…

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  • Magento Development

    I wasn’t give any false reasons to not come because I’m coming…

    • sylvainraye

      ;-) you are welcome.

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